Liquid additive surfactant grain conditioner liquid additive
SURFAROLL® is a non-corrosive liquid surfactant made from natural wetting agents derived from plant extracts. When used for grain rolling prior to the steaming process, it allows moisture to penetrate the outer protective layer of the grain kernel, softening the internal starch of the kernels.
Due to the surfactant activity of the saponins, the surface tension of the water decreases and increases the rate of moisture absorption by the grain, thus reducing the energy required for the rolling process.
The application of SURFAROLL® before exposing the grain to steam will improve the penetration of moisture into the kernel, thus obtaining a softer starch granule that will facilitate its gelatinization and digestibility and, consequently, a better quality flake will be obtained, which will improve the animal's productive parameters.

Due to the relationship between water content and microbial activity, most grains are stored with a moisture content of 12% or less, so it is required to increase it to optimize rolling using a surfactant to leave the grains in better conditions for rolling and avoid as much as possible the generation of fine powders that can cause microbial activity and consequently the deterioration of animal feed. With the use of SURFAROLL® to condition animal feed grain, grain moisture is controlled, improving inventory control, feed quality, reducing the energy requirements of the roller, increasing equipment life and reducing feed production costs.

Another application of this product is to reduce the viscosity of molasses, producing a more homogeneous dispersion on food. In the finished product, when packed in sacks, it prevents the food from "caking" (anti-caking effect), improving the shelf life of the product in its packaging. It facilitates the cleaning of the mixer, since molasses does not 'stick' to the slats.