Decent employment and social security.

04 November 2022

To speak of social responsibility is to respect the dignified work and the rights of the company's own employees, so in Baja Agro International SA de CV we are conscious in promoting and complying with the labor rights of each one of them according to the labor legislation, understanding the importance of a life without discrimination, without labor violence, fair wages and decent conditions.

Therefore, we can feel proud to have safe and dignified working conditions, free of child labor, respect for working hours, without forced labor and without discrimination, also complying with the social welfare that our own Mexican Constitution establishes in its sixth title of Article 123 entitled: Labor and Social Welfare, where we legally comply with the right of all employees to social security, the workers' housing fund and the retirement fund, among others.

In addition to the aforementioned, we have a social welfare plan that guarantees us to increase the quality of life, social capital and development of our employees, as well as to achieve peace of mind for them and their families to face contingencies that may arise in the present or future, this plan includes major medical expenses insurance, life insurance, savings fund, food, private medical analysis, internal medical services and an education plan, just to mention a few. These are some of the ways we show our commitment to respect our workers’ rights and strive to offer a decent and safe workplace, taking steps to foster a sense of social belonging among employees and wellbeing for them and their families.