II Congress of Phytosanitary and Nutrition in Potato

07 September 2023

On September 7th and 8th, 2023, we had the immense pleasure of being in Los Mochis to be part of the second edition of the "Potato Phytosanitary and Nutrition Congress". This outstanding event brought together experts, producers and professionals in potato production, becoming a unique experience full of learning, knowledge exchange and new opportunities.

During the congress, our objective was to present to attendees, exhibitors and conference speakers the range of benefits that BIOSOIL® has to offer potato producers, mainly from the municipalities of Ahome and Guasave.
One of the most notable aspects of BIOSOIL® is its ability to improve the absorption of water and nutrients in crops, thereby promoting healthier plant growth. However, another outstanding benefit of BIOSOIL® is its action to improve the physical conditions of the soil, which allows surface salts to leach easily, making it more porous, causing better root development and healthier plant growth.

We also take the opportunity to share the results of research carried out in the field, in which the fungicidal action and selective capacity offered by natural surfactants such as BIOSOIL® in the control of certain nematodes are demonstrated.

We are pleased to have been part of this wonderful event, where we were able to share our passion for agriculture and show how BIOSOIL® can make a difference in the quality and yield of tubers. We thank the organizers, as well as the attendees and exhibitors who visited us, for their enthusiasm and great interest in our BIOSOIL® product, the key to exceptional growth.