OPF Xochimilco

24 March 2023

We had the privilege of participating in the prestigious OPF Xochimilco event, held at the charming Palacio de la Flor in Xochimilco, Mexico City, on March 24, 2023. This event was a unique opportunity to introduce BIOSOIL® to the community of flower producers in the region.


During the occasion, we realized that local producers have been looking for sustainable alternatives that will help reduce the use of chemicals, without compromising the quality and excellence of their crops. 

After engaging in conversations with them, we discovered the many benefits that our naturally derived surfactant can provide them. Many of them, excited by the idea, agreed to carry out tests to see first-hand the excellent results that BIOSOIL® can offer.


During our intervention, we had the pleasure of explaining to these professionals what exactly a surfactant is and the advantages of using one of natural origin and with organic certification, such as BIOSOIL®. From stimulating seed germination to inducing shoot growth, improving substrate hydration and eliminating salts accumulated in the root zone, our product demonstrates its potential to be an invaluable ally.


Furthermore, considering that the producers in Xochimilco considers flowers as "silent living beings that stimulate the senses", it is not surprising that the main function of BIOSOIL®, which is to reduce stress in plants, has been received with great enthusiasm, both in ornamental crops as in fruit trees, succulents and cacti.


We are convinced that BIOSOIL® can make a big difference in the industry these producers focus on and we are excited by the opportunities that were presented to us as a result of our attendance at this excellent event.